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President: Wayne Asp

Vice President: Gene Burns

Treasurer: Billee Asp

Secretary: Jennny Grossenbacher

Cemetery: Rodney Christensen

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Moe Lutheran welcomes all as God welcomes all

Hours of Operation


Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

Sunday Worship:

Sundays at 11:00 a.m.

Sunday School:

First and Second Sunday

September through May


Syttende Mai

Lefese sales in the Fall

Moe will celebrate its 150th Anniversary in 2025


The Beginnings of Moe Church trace back to approximately 1875 when services were held in the home of Ole Johnson (Krosbakken). Land for the cemetery was acquired around the same time. Our little church on the hill went through 4 rebuilds since its inception. By June of 1880 the first church was built on the current cemetery land, but was destroyed by a cyclone shortly after. Construction on the second church began in 1884; it was moved to a plot on Ole Johnson's farm. As little as 2 services were held in this church before it too was destroyed by a storm. After much discussion and a split of the congregation, a third church was erected on the same site as the first church. The first service in this church was held in 1889 and by 1905 the congregation outgrew the church. The decision was made build a fourth church due to the deterioration of the building's foundation. The congregation purchased land across the street and the fourth church was built at the current location. In 1945 the church was given an interior facelift removing the balcony and adding the current arch effect. The church has gone through some updates since then, but has largely remained the same. Moe's traditional Lutefisk dinner in October is currently suspended.

History as recorded in Moe Lutheran Congregation 70th Anniversary Festival; 1945; Resa Johnson

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